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The Best Portable Monitors For When You’re on the Go


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Two years of remote work have changed the way we think about our office space. Single screens and a mousepad have given way to multiple monitors and tablets as users are looking to expand their digital workspace at their home office. And although in-person, office-based work seems to be returning, there’s still a need for a more techy setup.

A crucial part of that is a trusty portable monitor, something that can be swiftly packed up and moved from one place to another. It’s quite a crowded market — many companies have bought into the game since the pandemic. Still, there are a few easily transportable screens that stand out. Here’s a rundown of some of the best portable monitors, whether you’re a student, content creator or simply looking to make your work life more flexible.

1. Uperfect True 4K Portable Monitor


Screen quality is vitally important in any monitor, and the Uperfect True 4K is the best out there for that. Most portable monitors tend to offer HD quality these days, but very few offer the minute details you might find in the UPERFECT. The screen refreshes content at a rate of 60HZ and is viewable in vivid color from almost 180 degrees. It’s flexible, too, and can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. All of that amounts to a device that leads the field in terms of picture quality.

But it’s not just a pretty picture. The Uperfect is a highly functional piece of kit, too. the nearly-16-inch screen comes with its own portable stand and has USB-C compatibility. There’s also a headphone jack and standard USB plug, so you can connect multiple devices at once.






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2. ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor


Student life is hectic, and these days involves constant switching from classroom settings to a dorm workspace. A good monitor is a crucial part of that, allowing college kids to watch a lecture and take notes simultaneously. The Asus Zenscreen Go is a perfect option for that part of life, doing all of the basics well, while also adding some intriguing features. It performs admirably in terms of compatibility, working with USB-C and A ports (HDMI is also available, but you’d have to step up a model.)

The screen quality is solid, offering a width of 1960px, and very vivid colors that make it seem clearer. The best feature, though, might be its ability to protect tired eyes. The Zenscreen comes with blue light technology, which the brand says offers a more comfortable viewing experience.


ASUS Portable

ASUS ZenScreen



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3. LEPOW Z1 Portable Monitor


The Lepow Z1 is Amazon’s best-selling and top-rated portable monitor, and it’s easy to see why. Above all, it’s an incredibly versatile machine, that can handle the stressors of note-taking, gaming or even video playback with ease. It has three settings, allowing users to either duplicate, extend, or add to their main screen. Thus, it’s very well equipped to serve as a work device. There are further perks, too. A mini HDMI port is included, as well as USB-C connectivity and a decent speaker.

The Lepow is also notably practical. It’s under two pounds, 0.3 inches thick, and comes with its own case and screen protector. And the best part? All of that comes for just $160.




Lepow Z1 Portable Monitor



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4. Lenovo ThinkVision M14 Portable Monitor


Granted, the Lenovo ThinkVision sacrifices two inches of screen width relative to its competition. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, if you don’t need 16 inches of screen, the ThinkVision might be the best monitor for you. It’s a smart piece of kit, with tiny details making for practical use. For example, it includes USB-C connectors on both sides of the monitor — allowing both left and right-handers to use it with ease. Furthermore, the monitor can tilt up to 90 degrees, allowing for a quite flexible workspace. And the picture quality is there, too, with nearly 2000px of full HD available, as well as nifty blue light shielding tech.


Lenovo ThinkVision


5. Cocopar Portable Monitor


Sometimes a small screen isn’t enough, and that extra visual surface area matters. And there are a few good options if that’s the case. But the best big screen monitor out there is the 17.3-inch Cocopar Portable. The frameless screen is significantly bigger than that of most standard laptops and comes with all of the most advanced trimmings, too, including an HDMI port, USB-C connection, a micro USB plug, and two speakers. The Cocopar’s calling card, though, is its speed of use. While it is perfectly functional as a business screen, the company has designed it with gaming in mind. It can easily sync with a Nintendo Switch and is also functional with an Xbox or Playstation. And with that little bit of extra screen size, it could be a terrific option if you’re gaming on the go.




Cocopar Portable Monitor



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6. Innocn PU15-Pre Portable Monitor


If you’ve got some cash to throw around, the Innocn PU15 might be the best investment. It comes with a hefty price tag, but that asking price comes with a lot of specs. The 15.6-inch  OLED screen offers full 4K HD picture quality, as well as vivid contrast and bright colors. All of the other handy pieces are there, too, including USB-C compatibility, an HDMI port, a convenient touchscreen and more. The cost is perhaps most justified for the amount of business functionality available. The Innocn comes with a stylus and has an incredibly responsive screen. So, it’s a good option for real-time editing and drawing — a perfect digital creative space.


Innocn PU-15 PRE Portable Monitor


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7. Wacom Cintiq 16 Portable Monitor


While most monitors are made for workflow or gaming, there are a select few that are ideal for creators — especially those in the graphic design business. And for those people, the Wacom Cintiq 16 is one of the very best. The Cintiq is technically a drawing tablet that flexes as a monitor — it comes with a fancy stylus — but it shares a lot of similarities with some of the best monitors out there.

Offering USB connectivity, as well as an HDMI port, the Cintiq can easily plug into various kinds of machines. And it can also simplify workflow, especially if you’re using Photoshop or InDesign. While it won’t necessarily check all of the boxes for business meetings, or even gaming, there are few better options for those who spend most of their life in the creative or graphic design space.

Cintiq 16

Wacom Cintiq Portable Monitor



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