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The Best Men’s Jackets for Every Spring Occasion


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Finding a perfect men’s jacket can be a bit of a chore. Things don’t get any easier as spring approaches and the weather becomes a little kinder. And it’s admittedly exhausting to locate the ideal coat that combines a comfy fit with current trends — especially in the ever-changing fashion world. So, although it might be a relief to toss your winter jacket into the depths of your closet, shopping for the best spring jackets can be an ordeal.

You’ll want to consider something insulated but not too heavy, waterproof but not paper thin. Styles are key. Do you opt for denim as a good layering piece? Or is a James Bond-ready jacket more your vibe?

Whichever drip you prefer, here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best men’s jackets for spring 2022 that you should buy now.

1. Carhartt Rain Defender Insulated Jacket


Carhartt is a very popular pick for winter jackets, but its signature Rain Defender Insulated Jacket is equally cool for spring. The Michigan-based company balances warmth and lightness with aplomb and makes its products available in a series of cool colors, too. The Rain Defender mock neck is a particularly useful feature, protecting the skin while also staying current to trends. Furthermore, the relatively slim fit makes it equally viable to be placed over a shirt as it is layered with a hoodie.

The Rain Defender has some sneakily practical features as well, with an inner and outer chest pocket serving as good storage spots for keys or smaller keepsakes. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s reliably waterproof.

Carhartt Rain Defender Insulated Jacket

Carhartt Rain Defender Insulated Jacket



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2. Everlane Flannel Chore Jacket


Chore jackets offer a timeless look, combining flannel shirt vibes with the warmth of something a little more substantial. This option from Everlane is one of the best around, especially if you don’t want to break the bank. It has a good weighty feel, and four quality buttons to keep out the elements. The three pockets also add the convenience of extra storage, should you need it.

However, the major appeal in the Chore jacket might be the fit. It’s slightly baggy, perfect with some straight-leg pants and retro sneakers — or even as an oversized contrast to some skinnier jeans. You can also choose from some enticing different colors. The black and navy options are classic. However, if you fancy something a little flashier, the cherry mahogany check is an appealing pick — and better to dress up should the occasion call for it.

Everlane Chore

Men’s Flannel Chore Jacket


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3. North Face Class V Pullover


Few companies make better waterproof jackets than North Face. And even fewer make them this cool. A good pullover such as the brand’s Class V jacket is essential, regardless of the season. It can be worn with joggers, pants, or even shorts — should the weather dictate such a combination.

But that versatility is useless if it’s not a functional piece. And the North Face Class V pullover performs admirably in the face of the elements. It’s sufficiently waterproof, and also blocks UV rays. Other nifty features make it a good buy, such as the adjustable hood, waterproof front pocket and elastic cuffs to keep the weather away. A relaxed fit also makes it a viable option over a long sleeve — or even atop a crew neck.

North Face Class V

Men’s Class V Pullover


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4. Patagonia Coaches Jacket


Patagonia has long been vocal about the sustainability of both its products and manufacturing processes. And the Coaches jacket is the poster child of that eco pledge. Made out of organic cotton and hemp weave, it’s certainly an environmentally friendly pick.

It also helps that the Coaches jacket is very cool. Buttons don’t always look the part on a jacket — especially one designed for warmth and weather-readiness — but the Coaches jacket makes it work. Furthermore, there’s a handy front pocket, and elasticized cuffs for a more tailored fit. Buyers also benefit from the fact that the jacket is showerproof, and can cope well in windy conditions. Ultimately, though, it’s a fashion piece, one that can be slipped over a shirt, or serve as a final layer for a crew neck or hoodie.

Patagonia Coaches Jacket

Patagonia Coaches Jacket


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5. Fat Face Airlie Jacket


Fat Face is a British company with only a smattering of stores stateside. However, it might be worth paying for that shipping across the pond. Their Airlie quarter zips are incredibly well-made, featuring warm but light materials that can deal with a multitude of climates. It’s a nifty item, too. A cord-lined collar protects against wind chill, and the cuffs can be rolled back to suit your arm length. The zipper is also a good quality metal and rarely gets stuck — even in the face of repeated use. The fact that it’s constructed entirely from sustainable cotton makes it an environmentally-friendly pick, too.

The Airlie comes in a range of colors — as well as different linings — but the classic cotton option in a neutral navy blue is the most popular. If you fancy a brighter spring look, the bright yellow or royal blue could be good picks.

Fat Face Airlie

Fat Face Airlie


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6. Rogue Territory Supply Jacket


Rogue Territory’s Supply Jacket has been a hot commodity ever since Daniel Craig sported one of these jackets in No Time to Die. And it’s easy to see why the fashionable 007 fancied some of Rogue’s stuff. The slim fit is ideal for a spring day or evening, and the interesting inner trim makes it distinctive. The Supply Jacket is handmade in Los Angeles, too, using quality twill that will age gracefully with ware — like the best supply jackets out there. Pair it with sneakers and black jeans for a stylish spring look.

Rogue territory supply jacket

Rogue Territory Supply Jacket


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7. Bonobos Harrington Jacket


Despite the current obsession with baggy clothing, the world can’t seem to get enough of the throwback look of bomber jackets and Harrington silhouettes, which are waist-length lightweight styles with a stand-up collar and typically made of suede, wool, cotton or polyester. Their versatility means they can be dressed up or down, and also complete a sleek retro look. This particular Harrington jacket from Bonobos combines old and new, blending modern materials with a ’60s-style plaid lining, making it the very embodiment of a coat that won’t go out of style.

It’s described as a regular fit, so it can be layered with a hoodie or even a bulkier crew neck underneath. And if you’re out for a fancy dinner, it can certainly complement a collared shirt and chinos with ease. A handy inner pouch is also included, and you can plunge your hands deep into the outside pockets for an effortlessly cool look.

Bonobos Harrington

Bonobos Harrington Jacket


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8. Aether Dylan Cord Jacket


If you’ve got a bit of money to throw around, a leather jacket might be tempting. You also might fancy a good waterproof. But for a statement piece, this Aether Dylan Cord jacket is a fantastic option. In truth, it’s hard to find another jacket quite like it.

The unique cord outer makes it warm without being too insulated, and the material is sufficiently light to be worn in mild weather. It’s striking, too, with the quilted patches adding a bit of flash to your spring look book. Add that to the matte buttons and cuffs, and you have a cool jacket that will certainly stand out. Aether has made it available in both blue and brown, so it’s also a good neutral that can be paired with almost any fit — and ready for any occasion.

Aether Dylan Cord

Aether Dylan Corduroy Jacket


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