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Geena Davis Memoir ‘Dying of Politeness’ to Release in Fall


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Oscar winner Geena Davis has a memoir coming out this fall, titled Dying of Politeness, and described by the actor as her “journey to badassery.”

HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, announced Tuesday that the book will be published Oct. 11. According to the publisher, Davis will share “laugh-out tales” about her modeling career and provide candid accounts of films Tootsie, The Accidental Tourist and Beetlejuice and co-stars such as Susan Sarandon of Thelma & Louise, Madonna from A League of Their Own and ex-husband Jeff Goldblum from The Fly.

Davis, 66 said in a statement that the book would reveal how acting helped transform her into a person in charge of her own life. She won an Oscar for her supporting performance in The Accidental Tourist and was nominated for best actor for Thelma & Louise. In 2019, the academy presented her the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her advocacy for gender equality in media.

“As my career progressed, I went all the way from playing a soap star in her underwear in Tootsie, to a housewife turned road warrior in Thelma & Louise, to a baseball phenomenon in A League of Their Own, to the first female president of the United States in Commander in Chief, and more,” she said.

“For everything I put into each of those roles, I’ve taken far more away. I’ve been blessed to practice living a different life — a bolder, freer, and more authentic one — onscreen. In this book, I’ll reveal the ways in which my public life — the movies, the advocacy, and my relationships — have impacted and empowered the private me, and, I hope, inspire my readers to expand their own sense of power.”

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