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The Best Smart Plugs for Upgrading Your Tech-Filled Abode


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It’s a familiar feeling: you leave home for the day, but forgot to turn something off. If you’re lucky, it’s just one light, but any number of appliances could continue to run for hours. And that’s not only annoying for your energy bill — it’s also not ideal for the environment, as wasted electricity can contribute to pollution. However, that can easily be amended with the investment in a good smart plug.

They’re relatively simple devices, and appear to look like any other adapter or power strip. However, smart plugs are Wi-Fi compatible, allowing you to control the flow of electricity remotely.

Smart plugs have further advantages, too. Want to plug in your coffee machine and get your morning caffeine kick going without moving from the comfort of your bed? That can be done! Feel like controlling the lighting in your house by setting specific “on” and “off” times? No problem!

Still, some are better than others. Here, we rounded up some of the best smart plugs that can help you managing your devices and lights remotely, upgrade your home security and more.

1. ConnectSense Smart Outlet² Plug

It might not be considered a major shock that the best smart plug out there is also the most versatile. ConnectSense’s Smart Outlet² plug is far more than your standard plug. For starters, it comes with two outlets and a USB plug — all of which can be controlled separately. It works with Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri. But the real appeal is the number of customization options. You can tweak pretty much everything, turning devices on and off from afar. You can also set timers and schedule times for when energy flow to a certain port should be shut off. And if you’re concerned about how much juice you might be using, the app offers exact data.

ConnectSense Smart Outlet² Plug


ConnectSense Smart Outlet² Plug $24.95 on

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2. Kasa Smart Plug Ultra Mini (Pack of 2)

The Kasa smart plug is a bestseller, and for good reason. It’s reasonably cheap, comes in a pack of two and does everything a smart plug should. It connects to Wi-Fi smoothly and responds well to Alexa and Google Home, and the interface for the accompanying Kasa app is easy to use. (Plus, for a limited time, get a Kasa smart plug four-pack for only $40, or 20 percent off).

KASA Smart Plug

Courtesy of Amazon

Kasa Smart Plug $16.99 on

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3. Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

Wemo’s smart plug proves that not every techy device has to be massive. The compact size is ideal for small spaces, it’s quick to connect to Wi-Fi and the app is user-friendly. It can also sync easily with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

Wemo Smart Plug


Wemo Smart Plug on

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4. Kasa Power Strip

Kasa’s Power Strip is a good option for those who want to control more devices. Similar to the company’s single-outlet smart plug, the six-socket surge protector connects to Wi-Fi, has Amazon Alexa connectivity and and control individual devices. It’s great if you want to control your router, TV, living room floor lamp and any other device while plugging into one central place.


Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip $53.99 on

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5. Wyze Plug (Pack of 2)

There are a number of reasons to pick a smart plug. Maybe you like the interface, or perhaps it saves energy more effectively than another. Wyze’s smart plug (which comes in a two-pack) offers all of that, and then some — it comes with “vacation mode,” a setting that will randomly turn lights on and off over a given period to make it seem like you’re in town. It may seem insignificant, but if you want to keep your mind at peace when you’re on the road, it could be a home security game-changer!

Wyze Plug


Wyze Plug $19.98 on

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6. Amazon Smart Plug

If you’re already living in Amazon’s ecosystem of devices, then the e-comm giant’s own smart plug is a perfect fit for your tech setup. The Wi-Fi-enabled accessory works exclusively with Alexa and doesn’t require a separate home hub, and the compact design only takes up one outlet. Just plug it in and connect it to the Alexa app, which lets you control your devices remotely, use voice commands, set schedules and get tips on saving energy.

 Amazon Smart Plug


Amazon Smart Plug $24.99 on

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