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The Best Men’s Hats for A Cool Summer, From Classic Baseball Caps to Hollywood-Loved Fedoras


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Keeping cool should look cool. That’s the right attitude for finding the right summer hat. Just as with sunglasses, you’re faced with tons of options when it comes to finding the best men’s hats this season: classic caps, trendy bucket hats, fancy fedoras — the list goes on. One way to find easy inspiration is by looking at stylish Hollywood stars who use the shade-giving accessory to shield them from the sun (or paparazzi flashbulbs) or wear hats as a fashionable finish to red carpet ensembles and casual outfits alike.

Newsie caps have been spotted on actors including Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Idris Elba and Troy Kotsur (who even wore one while accepting his Oscar for best supporting actor), and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone — stars included — who hasn’t covered up a messy mop with a snapback. And Pharrell, Bad Bunny and Bruno Mars are among the fashionable musicians who favor fedoras year-round.

So whether you want a cap or a bucket hat, a chunky brim or bendy one, a statement piece or sturdy option, here are over 15 of the best men’s hats to wear this summer and beyond.

1. Buck Mason Craftsman Canvas Cap

Buck Mason offers a sleek and simple baseball cap. It’s made of smooth canvas with suede trim, as well as a brass button finish. The Craftsman cap is plenty reliable and sturdy, too. There are a few color options, but the off-white one both looks good and wears well.

Buck Mason craftsman cap

Buck Mason Craftsman Canvas Cap $45

Buy now

2. Brixton Hooligan Snap Cap

CODA star Troy Kotsur wore Brixton’s black Hooligan hat while accepting his history-making Oscar for best supporting actor, and you can get the same look (whether you’re on or off the red carpet) in the London-inspired, SoCal-bred brand’s newsie cap in other colorways. Stars including Brad Pitt, Omar Sy and Leonardo DiCaprio have also worn similar flat cap styles.

Brixton Hooligan Snap Cap

Brixton Hooligan Snap Cap $49

Buy now

3. Patagonia Forge Cap

There’s always a hat for those who love the outdoors. The good news is that Patagonia has its feet in both outdoor convenience and daily style. The forge hat hits that niche perfectly, with a solid brim and easy adjustability. And it doesn’t have to be used only for gardening or fishing either, as evidenced by Bad Bunny (who wore a similar style recently).

Patagonia Forge Hat

Patagonia Forge Hat $55

Buy now

4. Allsaints Ramskull Fedora

Perfect for a vacation at a beautiful coastal resort, the Allsaints Ramskull fedora is a wonderful piece of summer-ready kit. Made out of organic straw and complemented by a leather strap, it’s the kind of hat that will last forever and stay in style.

Allsaints ramskull straw fedora

All Saints Ramskull Straw Fedora $99

Buy now

5. Taylor Stitch Ball Cap

A denim hat is, objectively, quite a cool look. This Taylor Stitch ball cap features a classic wash and an appealing enough logo to feel a little distinctive, too. At $38, it’s also a good price for the quality of cap you’re getting.

Taylor Stitch Ball Cap

Taylor Stitch Denim Ball Cap $38

Buy now

6. Stadium Goods Pennant Snapback

Stadium Goods’ pennant cap helps you look like a proper sports fan without making any potentially offensive allegiances. The flat brim is still stylish, too.

Stadium Goods Pennant Snapback

Stadium Goods Pennant Snapback $40

Buy now

7. Bailey Straw Hat

Bruno Mars has worn Bailey’s stylish hats, and the brand’s white straw hat (which is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) fits right in at summer soirees, polo matches, weddings and more.

Bailey Straw Hat


Bailey Straw Hat (reg. $140) $93

Buy now

8. Rowing Blazers Maui Snapback Hat

Part of a collaboration with Los Angeles-based hat brand Hood, Rowing Blazer’s Maui snapback is one of a line of pieces that pays homage to some of America’s prettiest locations. The wool and cord blend makes the material a little more distinctive, too.

Rowing Blazers Hood Maui Snapback

Rowing Blazers Hood Maui Snapback $65

Buy now

9. Nobis Kish Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat

Simu Liu-approved luxury outerwear brand Nobis’s Kish unisex bucket hat offers a bit more practicality. Fully reversible and also waterproof, this topper can be worn as a straight black style or patterned finish — depending on what you’re feeling!

Nobis Kish Bucket Hat

Nobis Kish Bucket Hat $100

Buy now

10. Nike Sportswear Heritage86 Adjustable Hat

No hat list would be complete without a sleek Nike option. This throwback hat boasts the Swoosh’s iconic “Just do it” mantra and comes in an array of colors.

Nike Sportswear Heritage86 Adjustable Hat

Nike Sportswear Heritage86 Adjustable Hat $25

Buy now

11. Tanner Fletcher Embroidered Nelson Cap

Leather might not be top of mind for summer. For a cool bit of streetwear, this embroidered Nelson hat makes a great case for just a touch of hot weather leather with its oversized stitching adding extra contrast.


Tanner Fletcher Nelson Cap


Tanner Fletcher Nelson Cap $148

Buy now

12. Fear of God Essentials x New Era Cap

Fear of God is a streetwear staple, and its collabs are admittedly few — but the luxe brand’s New Era hat partnership certainly makes sense. Available in the signature off-white hue and complete with the recognizable font, this cool baseball cap from the brands’ collaboration is a mastery of affordable streetwear.

New Era X Essentials

Fear of God Essentials x New Era Baseball Hat $65

Buy now

13. Duvin Bolt Nylon Hat

The braided rope on Duvin’s Bolt nylon hat gives it a captain’s cap aesthetic, making it the right piece for chilling on a boat or a sun lounger, perhaps with a fruity drink in one’s hand.

Duvin Bolt hat

Duvin Bolt Hat $29.50

Buy now

14. Nathan Quick Stash Run Hat

A perfect hat for the active man — at a good price — the Nathan Quick Stash Run hat is lightweight and protects from the sun. It’s also got a couple of nifty side pouches where you can store keys or any other keepsakes you might need while you’re off on a jog.

Nathan Quick Stash Run Hat

Nathan Quick Stash Run Hat $16

Buy now

15. Carhartt Canvas Baseball Cap

You’ve probably seen them everywhere. The washed cotton, the leather logo, the chunky strap. The good news is that there are now loads of color options for Carhartt hats, so you can pick up multiples (they’re only $20).


Carhartt Canvas Canvas Baseball Cap


Carhartt Men’s Canvas Baseball Cap $20 on

Buy now

16. Adidas x Gucci Baseball Hat

Now this is how you make a hypebeast statement. This luxe baseball cap from Adidas and Gucci’s highly-anticipated collaboration features the sportswear brand’s iconic trefoil emblem with the Italian luxury house’s logo. It’s made of blue satin and boasts ’80s- and ’90s-inspired design touches.

Adidas x Gucci Baseball Hat

Adidas x Gucci Baseball Hat $560

Buy now

17. Nick Fouquet Frayed Straw Panama Hat

For the ultimate statement topper, look no further than Hollywood-loved milliner Nick Fouquet (LeBron James, Pharrell and Justin Bieber have worn his pieces). The designer’s cool frayed panama hat is finished with his signature matchstick, and this luxe chapeau fits right in at casual farmers market strolls and tropical vacations.

Nick Fouquet Frayed Straw Panama Hat

Nick Fouquet Frayed Straw Panama Hat $725

Buy now

18. Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat

The height of fashion and streetwear, the Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat is a summer look for both practicality and style. Wear it to the beach to keep the rays off, and to the city to look good on a night out.

Prada bucket hat

Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat $650

Buy now

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