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Pamela Anderson Says Netflix Doc Is Two Parts “So Far,” Will Follow Turn as Roxie in ‘Chicago’


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Pamela Anderson says her recently announced Netflix documentary will be at least two parts and will feature a look at her Broadway debut in Chicago.

The Baywatch actress gave an update on the doc, announced earlier this month, while discussing her turn as the musical’s lead, Roxie, a woman jailed for murder who turns her trial into a media frenzy in hopes of getting her big break. Speaking to Good Morning America Wednesday, Anderson said that “so far,” her doc will be in two parts and partly follow her Broadway role.

“They’re actually following me through this journey, so they get to see a little bit of me preparing for Roxie as well,” she said. “But we weren’t intending on doing that. Roxie just came along literally in the last few weeks.”

Anderson also opened up about the Broadway gig, telling GMA that co-producer Barry Weissler called her about the role “just a few weeks ago,” before she jumped into rehearsing for a few weeks in L.A. She then came to New York, where she is now in her second week of preparing for the role.

“How can you say no to him?” the actress said of the offer to play Roxie. “It was just so outrageous, I thought. And it’s good timing. My kids are grown … so now I feel like it’s time. I need a challenge. I need to do something. I needed this. I’ve been gone for a little while and I’m back to the challenge.”

Anderson says she enjoys the feeling of being challenged in the role so far and that she’s “surprising” herself singing and dancing.

“I like that kind of dangerous, crazy feeling that you can’t do something, and then you surprise yourself. Maybe you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try it,” she said. “So that’s what I’m really curious about: What can I actually do? Because I kind of haven’t applied myself too much in my life except for my children.”

Anderson also said she has a personal connection to the role, which “feels a little parallel” to her own life.

“I feel like this seems very meant to be. The role is so great,” she told GMA.  “The media is so powerful and it’s really kind of — it’s just interesting how it’s affected my life. You just got to make the most of what you got. You got to make the most of any opportunity, and sometimes things will seem like a bad thing; you can turn it into a good thing.”

“I just feel like this is really a moment for me to shine for once,” she said later. “I’m doing this for myself, which is rare.”

News of Anderson’s Chicago casting, which will see her star in the long-running Broadway musical from April to June, came just five days after Netflix announced it was teaming with the actress on a documentary that would “tell her story” through never-before-seen archival and journalistic material in addition to interviews with Anderson.

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