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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio on Their First L.A. Pop-Up Shop’s Social Media Touches


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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are wasting no time building their empire. Following the arrival of Dixie’s debut album and the news of Charli’s first fragrance, the UTA-repped, TikTok-popular sisters officially open their fashion brand Social Tourist‘s first brick-and-mortar boutique today in Los Angeles.

Located on Melrose Avenue across from Adidas and Gucci’s shop, Social Tourist’s pop-up (8406 Melrose) stocks the latest drops from the Connecticut-raised D’Amelio Show stars’ affordable label designed in collaboration with Hollister, including the June collection that arrives online tomorrow. Priced from $20 to $80, the May capsule includes vintage-inspired silhouettes such as matching “dad shirts” and shorts sets in ’70s-inspired floral prints and terry fabrics, swimwear and coverups with O-ring detailing, high-rise baggy jeans finished with heart patches or cargo pockets, faux leather corset tops and fringed vests, and no shortage of cropped racerback camis and halter styles.

“For these past few collections, it’s been a lot of very summer, happy, fun colors that we love to wear, and some neutrals that’ll keep it very cohesive,” Charli — who recently turned 18 — tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The color palette is super important and I think that’s something we really try to focus on and try to build around what you feel when you see [and wear] these colors.”

The June line comprises body-con dresses in comic book prints, colorful checkered tops and miniskirts and more. Rounding out the summer-ready pieces are loungewear essentials such as oversized logo sweaters, cropped polo shirts and color-blocked jogger pants.

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Courtesy of Social Tourist

Charli’s first fragrance, Born Dreamer, will be available at Ulta starting June 26. Designed to be worn by everyone, the fruity and floral scent has a vegan formula and features top notes of anjou pear and orange zest, middle notes of sustainably harvested jasmine and pink sugar, and a musky base of cashmere woods and cedarwood.

Dixie, who uses just her first name as her musical moniker, released her debut album, the 15-track A Letter to Me, on June 10.

On her first fragrance, Charli explains that her 20-year-old sister and one very lucky barista were among the first to know about the light and floral scent, which Dixie says she has been spritzing on for the past year.

Social Tourist is expected to hold court through early 2023; the store is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m. Keep reading below for more from THR’s chat with the sisters, and shop the latest Social Tourist apparel online here.

What was it like stepping into the store for the first time? Did you incorporate any social media-friendly design touches?

CHARLI D’AMELIO I don’t think anyone knew what it was going to look like, but as we were talking about what’s actually going to be in the store, [we wanted it to be] functional and super fun but trendy. It’s sick. It turned out perfect.

DIXIE D’AMELIO There’s absolutely lots of [social media-friendly] design touches. In the fitting room, the lights change with what you’re wearing, the [Social Tourist] sticker in the mirror is backwards for when you take a picture.

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Courtesy of Social Tourist

Everything is very vacation-friendly. Do either of you have any vacations coming up this summer? Which Social Tourist pieces will you be wearing?

DIXIE My summer’s booked but I plan on wearing some of it for the tour, which will be really fun. Maybe we can go on vacation …

CHARLI I don’t have any vacations planned!

With each of you working on projects last year, we’re guessing you both got to be in on each others’ secrets. Charli, did you get to give Dixie a preview of Born Dreamer? 

DIXIE I’ve been using it for a year, everyone tells me it smells so good and I wasn’t allowed to say anything.

CHARLI I was at a [coffee shop] and the woman who was taking my order was like, “Oh my goodness, what perfume are you wearing?” I was like, “I actually cannot tell you, but I’m going to write down the date and where you can get it and the name, but you cannot tell anyone.” It’s having to keep those secrets is the hardest thing in the world because when someone asks, I feel so bad saying, “I cannot tell you.”

I’ve never had a signature perfume that I wore every day and that was super interesting because nowadays with me, perfume is what I do before I leave or before I see anyone, and it just makes me feel so put-together. Not having that, I knew something was missing but I [didn’t want to] go try a whole bunch. I didn’t know how fragrances affected everyone based on their body chemistry … I think that there’s something so fun about Born Dreamer in that it really does work for everyone. All of my friends that I’ve given it to and I talk about it all the time, and I’ve been able to have those conversations — “How does it wear on you?” All of my friends are very different so it’s nice to hear positive feedback from everyone.

Social Tourist Store on Melrose Avenue

And Dixie, did Charli get to hear the album first?

DIXIE Charli wasn’t allowed to hear it.

CHARLI Me, Dixie and [her boyfriend] Noah [Beck] had a listening party and she played three seconds of each song. It’s the most annoying thing in the world because I was like, “Okay, can I hear it?” And she’s like, “Yeah!” And then she shuts [the song] off. I get to hear the first four beats. I love the album and I’ve obviously seen how hard she worked on it for so long, so it’s really nice to see it actually come together and be out and be able to listen to it on Spotify instead of having to search for it in my phone.

Now that summer has officially begun in L.A., what are your favorite skincare hacks for the hotter months?

DIXIE Just face oil, that’s my go-to every day and every night. Whatever’s closest, literally any kind of face oil and I just put it on, that’s the most refreshing feeling for me. I’m very lucky to not have super oily skin, but I have super dry skin. So I literally put it on my hairline too; that’s my go-to for everything.

CHARLI Skincare has been something that I’ve been focusing on a lot. I’ve had some skin struggles for a while, so I’m nursing back to health, and rebuilding my skin barrier is something that I’ve been doing a lot, like morning, afternoon, night, very on a schedule.

Are there any plans to perhaps launch a beauty brand?

CHARLI I think anything’s possible but it’s not in the cards right now. I definitely want to figure [it] out.

DIXIE I think I would do makeup remover wipes.

CHARLI I think she should do lazy girl makeup.

DIXIE Lazy makeup would be the best thing ever. Literally take it all off and tattoo it on for the day. Now I just had an idea!

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