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Cannes Street Style: From Eva Longoria to an Aspiring Filmmaker Inspired by Alain Delon


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Dressing for the Cannes Film Festival is always a bit of a challenge when the options for a typical day can bring you from the beach to black-tie in a matter of minutes. But these stylish visitors had no trouble, thanks to inspiration ranging from screen legend Alain Delon to 1960s rock & roll.

Cannes street style - Eva Longoria

Name: Eva Longoria
Resides in: Los Angeles
Occupation: Actress, producer, director, activist and humanitarian
My Look (with hair and makeup by L’Oreal Paris): “It feels so amazing to be back in Cannes! This is my favorite film festival, and I’ve been so lucky to get to attend for almost 20 years with L’Oreal. My style this trip is focused on bright, vibrant colors and timeless elegance. This particular dress is Victoria Beckham, and every time I wear one of her looks, I feel beautiful.”

Cannes street style - Francois

Name: Francois
Resides in: Paris
Occupation: Assistant Director, Continuity Trainee
My Look: “I’m here at the festival because I worked on Arnaud Desplechin’s Brother and Sister. My look is inspired by Rene Clement’s 1960 film Purple Moon, because I wanted to look like Alain Delon in the same white pants and linen shirt. I feel like him today.”

Cannes street style - Sylvie

Name: Suzie
Resides in: Grenoble, France
Occupation: High school student
My Look: “I’m here for a high school trip, and we were told by our teachers that we needed to dress classy, because we are going to see movies. I’m wearing Zara, and this makes me feel comfortable and quite powerful.”

Cannes street style Valentine

Name: Valentine
Resides in: Paris
Occupation: VIP Coordinator, Saint Laurent
My Look: “I’m wearing Saint Laurent boots, belt, jeans and sunglasses with a Petit Bateau tee. I always wear the same no matter if it’s summer or winter, and my look is a mix of ‘60s and rock & roll. For me, wearing all Saint Laurent is chic, elegant and very rock & roll.”

Cannes street style - Valentine

Rachel Slawson

Name: Rachel Slawson
Resides in: Los Angeles
Occupation: Actress, screenwriter
My Look: “I’m wearing Jovani with a YSL bag, and it’s a mix of red carpet and Hollywood. I love repping pageant designers like Jovani because it reminds me of where I started. [Slawson was the first openly bisexual Miss USA contestant.]”

Cannes street style Elaheh

Name: Elaheh Nobakht
Resides in: Tehran, Iran
Occupation: Film producer
My Look: “I wanted to wear white today, but dress it up with different color combinations and prints. I went through my clothes that I packed today and just went with this. I’m tired of wearing all black, and this feels good for the festival.”

Cannes street style -Clemence

Name: Clemence Botino
Resides in: Paris
Occupation: Model and former Miss France [in 2020]
My Look: “I’m wearing Rochas and Freelance. I’ve been working with Rochas, and I love their clothes. This look is very bohemian and very chic at the same time. It’s perfect for Cannes.”

Cannes street style - Giada

Name: Giada
Resides in: Milan
Occupation: Fashion styling student
My Look: “I picked this because it makes me feel confident and reminds me of the sea, because it’s beautiful and light-colored.”

Cannes street style - Branka

Name: Branka
Resides in: Serbia
Occupation: Human resources executive
My Look: “I picked this because of the color. We are spending four days on the Coté d’Azur, and I have all my outfits planned out. I felt this look — a bright suit by Zara, shoes by Tommy Hilfiger — would work well for Cannes.”

Cannes street style - Majid Al Remaihi

Name: Majid
Resides in: Doha, Qatar
Occupation: Doha Film Institute Film programmer and filmmaker
My Look: “I picked this mostly because it’s summer, and we are by the beach. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking much about it beyond just selecting something casual for the summer. I think off-white and light colors work well here, so I mixed it up.”


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