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Broadway League Resumes Weekly Box Office Reporting for Individual Shows


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The Broadway League will once again publish weekly grosses for productions beginning the week of March 22, the organization announced Thursday.

“With the optimism that comes as spring approaches and as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, 16 new Broadway productions are preparing to open in March and April and audiences from across the country and around the world are returning to New York,” Charlotte St. Martin, President of The Broadway League said in a statement. “As we move forward into this more ‘normal’ time, Broadway sales figures will be reported on a weekly basis beginning March 22, 2022.”

Broadway’s national trade association also announced that it will post grosses for all weeks in the 2021-2022 season through March 20 on its public website.

The news signals a return to pre-pandemic Broadway when the group released individual Broadway show grosses on a weekly basis. The decision is a pivot from previously announced plans to return to weekly reporting for individual shows until the 2022-2023 season. The decision to initially pause publishing all box office grosses was announced in August 2021 ahead of the industry’s official Sept. 14 reopening.

“This decision is based on many factors, including both the staggered roll-out of returning and new productions, and anticipated variations in performance schedules. The data will not be comparable with previous seasons,” St. Martin said in a statement at the time.

The League amended its decision in late October, moving to release a composite of weekly box office totals for every Broadway show, which reported the total gross for all currently running productions during a specific week, versus a show’s individual gross. At the time, the trade association also agreed to release “the capacity for the week, the grosses for the week and the number of performances accomplished for the week,”  St. Martin said, along with a season-to-date number for each of these categories.

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