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20+ Stylish Sleep Products for Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time


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If your slumber schedule suffers because of Daylight Savings Time (which starts Sunday, March 13 at 2 a.m.), you’re not alone. In fact, March 18 marks World Sleep Day, while the National Health Foundation-founded Sleep Awareness Week (March 13 to 19) was created to shine a light on the benefits of a good night’s rest — something that’s surely, and often sorely, needed in Hollywood and beyond.

To help you transition from groggy mornings to the well-rested risings as we jump forward one hour, we’re rounding up some of the best mattresses, bedding and more sleep accessories. From high-tech devices that help set the right scene for shut-eye to chic sleepwear that doesn’t scream “wrinkled pajamas” on your straight-from-bed Zoom call, check out our top picks below.

1. Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

Ettitude’s sustainable bamboo sheets work well for people who run hot at night or like the feel of a silky-smooth bed. The breathable and hypoallergenic fabric helps to keep you cool, and the set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and one or two pillowcases, depending on the mattress size you choose. The material meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and compared to cotton it uses 500 times less water during production and produces 52 percent less carbon emissions.

Plus, use the code SLEEPWEEK to get 15 percent off bedding or 20 percent off bedding bundles through March 20.

Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set


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2. Bearaby The Napper Weighted Blanket

Studies suggest that weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety and relieve pain through deep pressure stimulation, which helps to relax the nervous system. The weight helps to boost the production of serotonin and melatonin while reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Bearaby’s therapeutic blankets literally allow people to wrap themselves in stress-reducing comfort, and they’re knitted from super-soft organic cotton. This one is available in 15-, 20-, and 25-pound options (choices are made based on body weight), and in a variety of colors.

Bearaby Nap Blanket

Bearaby The Napper Weighted Blanket


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3. Loftie Clock

For those who want a screen-free way to float off to dreamland or wake up alarm-free, then add Loftie’s cool clock to your rise and shine routine. The nightlight turns on to let you know when it’s bedtime, while app-free content such as sound baths, bedtime stories and guided meditations help you wind down and snooze. The two-phase alarm wakes you up gently, and you can also listen to your own music when you use the device as a Bluetooth speaker. Loftie also rolls out regular updates on its clock, so you’ll get new alarms and content.

Loftie Alarm Clock


Loftie Clock


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4. Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

Rest your overheated head on Casper’s new foam pillow, which uses the brand’s Snow, HeatDelete and AirScape technology to keep the material cool for more than 12 hours and push heat away. It’s made with three layers of supportive foam to keep your neck properly aligned all night.

Casper Foam Pillow

Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology


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5. Solimo Melatonin 5mg Gummies

Solimo’s five-milligram melatonin gummies will help you drift off to sleep while enjoying a little sweet treat. These strawberry-flavored bites are vegan and gluten-free, and the Amazon-owned brand says taking two before bed can help with occasional sleeplessness.

Solimo Melatonin 5mg Gummies

Solimo Melatonin 5mg Gummies



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6. LifeLabs CoolLife Men’s Sleep Short

For those who run hot while they snooze, LifeLabs’ CoolLife Sleep Short helps wearers stay dry and cool by regulating body temperature by 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps to promote deeper sleep by 10 to 20 percent, according to the brand. The style is also available in women’s sizes.

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Courtesy of LifeLabs

LifeLabs CoolLife Sleep Short


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7. 41 Winks Not Now Sleep Mask

Snooze in style (and send a firm message) with 41 Winks’ eco-friendly plush sleep mask, which is made of super-soft lyocell fabric.

41 Winks Not Now Sleep Mask

41 Winks Not Now Sleep Mask


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8. Parachute Organic Cotton Bedroom Bundle

Parachute’s newly-launched organic cotton bed sheets are GOTS- and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, and are great for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies who wants more sustainable bedding. This bundle includes a fitted sheet, two pillowcases in side open or back envelope styles, a lightweight or all-season duvet insert (filled with your choice between European white down or hypoallergenic microfiber), a duvet cover, and two supportive pillows (choose your fill and density). The set comes in all mattress sizes and an array of neutral colors.

Parachute Organic Cotton Bedroom Bundle

Parachute Sateen Starter Bedroom Bundle

$466 to $1,070

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9. Oura Ring

Miranda Kerr is among the regular wearers of Oura’s smart ring, which is equipped with sensors that track your breathing, heart rate, body temperature, sleep, and activity. The wearable combines all of your statistics into actionable insight and advice on its accompanying smartphone app (compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health), which computes all of your numbers into a “Readiness” score that shows how well you slept, your ideal resting heart rate, and more. The latest version of the device also offers possible early pregnancy detection among women.

We like that the app also lets you know your optimal bedtime for the most effective sleep and when it’s time to get up and move — two healthy habits that are often easier to get done with a helpful nudge.

Oura Ring

10. Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains

Keep the sun out and snooze longer with these room-darkening blackout curtains. Made of 100 percent polyester that meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, they come in a set of two and in a variety of colors, and they help to block out UV rays, reduce outside noise and create energy-saving insulation during the summer and winter.

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains



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11. Dr. Teal’s Melatonin Sleep Soak

Need help unwinding? A pre-snooze soak in these Dr. Teal’s melatonin- and essential oil-infused epsom salts can help prep your mind and body for shut-eye.

Dr. Teal's Melatonin Sleep Soak

Dr. Teal’s Melatonin Sleep Soak



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12. Cariloha Bamboo Bathrobe

This plush unisex bathrobe by Cariloha is made of a moisture-wicking and odor-resistant blend of bamboo, Egyptian cotton and micropolyester. It features a shawl collar, two pockets and turn-back cuffs to give the feeling that you’re at a luxe spa while at home.

Cariloha Bamboo Bathrobe

Cariloha Unisex Bamboo Bathrobe


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13. Fresh Lotus Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer

Make the most out of your sleep and work your skincare routine into your Zzzz’s. Clean beauty brand Fresh’s lightweight Lotus Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer works while you snooze to strengthen your skin barrier, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate dry and dull skin and leave your visage feeling refreshed and de-stressed.

Fresh Lotus Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer


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Fresh Lotus Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer

14. HomeMedics SoundSpa Slumber Scents

This is more than just a Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock. HoMedics’ multi-tasking device is loaded with six nature-inspired sounds that’ll lull you sleep (or wake you up), and the built-in aromatherapy diffuser lets you add your favorite essential oils to be misted into the air. The unit also has six programmable LED lights to create a home spa-like atmosphere in any room.

HomeMedics SoundSpa Slumber Scents

HoMedics SoundSpa Slumber Scents Alarm Clock



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15. AllSwell Mattress

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your entire sleep routine, AllSwell’s Sleep Week sale promises 20 percent off its best-selling mattresses and 10 percent off bedding when you use the code SNOOZE through March 20. Choose from four mattress types in twin through California king sizes ($339 to $1,249) ranging from the signature Allswell hybrid to the Supreme with individually wrapped coils, two inches of pressure-relieving foam, a cooling graphite and copper gel layer, a plush Euro top and a quilted top panel.

All mattresses have a 100-night risk-free trial, a 10-year limited warranty and free removal of your old mattress.

Allswell Hybrid Mattress

AllSwell Hybrid Queen Mattress (reg. $449)


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16. Lusso Cloud Pelli Slippers

Getting out of bed doesn’t have to be a drag, and these cozy slippers from Lusso Cloud will make tired feet feel like they’re walking on fluffy comfort. The company was co-founded by luxury footwear industry veterans Jon Buscemi (of celebrity-beloved label Buscemi) and Chris Noyes, entrepreneurial pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, and nightlife impresario Brock Korsan — so they all know a thing or two about caring for sore steppers.

These lounge slippers feature the brand’s Triple Stock Technology that includes a foot-hugging IPEVA outsole, a breathable waffle knit upper with a memory foam lining, and a recycled EVA top sheet for an extra-plush layer. The company also uses sustainable materials such as partially recycled bamboo and upcycled coffee grounds in its shoes.

Lusso Cloud Slippers

Lusso Cloud Pelli Slippers


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17. Headspace Meditation App

Meditation can help to calm your mind before bed, and we like Headspace’s app for its variety of content for managing anxiety, anger, stress and other concerns. Let sleepcast narrators John Legend or Eric Bana guide you to sleep, or enjoy soundscapes, sleep music and guided wind downs for grown-ups and kids.

The app is currently offering two weeks free when you sign up for an annual plan ($70 per year) or seven days free with a monthly subscription ($13 per month).

Headspace Meditation App

Headspace Meditation App

$60 to $13 monthly

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18. Mantra Labs Rest Supplement

Wellness-minded Walker star Jared Padalecki says he drinks up Mantra Labs’ Rest to help feel well-rested at night. (The star is a co-founder and investor of the Austin-based health supplements brand.) The calorie-free, sugar-free powder mixes with 12 to 24 ounces of water and is formulated to “improve cognition, immunity, energy, strength, mental health and overall wellness,” says the company. It contains plant-based ingredients such as PharmaGaba and Suntheanine to support relaxation, magnesium for restful sleep and anti-stress herbs such as lemon balm and passionflower.

Mantra Labs Rest Supplement

Mantra Labs Rest Supplement


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19. Cristina Martinez Gender Inclusive Oversize Lounge Pants

Artist Cristina Martinez’s collection for Nordstrom includes these comfy and playful cloud-print lounge pants (available in other colors and patterns), which come in unisex sizes.


Cristina Martinez Oversize Unisex Oversize Cloud Print Lounge Pants

Cristina Martinez Gender Inclusive Oversize Lounge Pants


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20. Rae Sleep Dietary Supplement Capsules

If you prefer to take your snooze-supporting supplements in pill form, we like to take Rae’s sleep capsules 30 minutes before hitting the hay in order to sleep easier and wake up without any grogginess the following morning. The vegan and non-GMO dietary supplements contain melatonin, L-Theanine (which helps reduce stress and promote relaxation), and 5-HTP (known to help boost the body’s melatonin production), a combination that we’ve found to help us drift off quickly.

Rae Sleep Capsules

Rae Sleep Dietary Supplement Capsules (60-count)


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21. ThisWorks Dream to Sleep Set

ThisWorks’ Dream to Sleep set contains the brand’s best-selling Deep Sleep pillow spray, shower gel and Body Cocoon lotion. The company suggests lathering up in a hot shower with the body wash about an hour before bedtime, then massing the calming and nourishing lotion (which has notes of lavender, chamomile and vetiver) into your skin. Finish your nighttime routine with a spritz of the pillow spray to help your mind and body find relaxation.

ThisWorks Dream to Sleep Set

ThisWorks Dream to Sleep Set



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22. Lunya Washable Silk High-Waisted Pant Set

Los Angeles-based Lunya is a go-to for its stylish sleepwear and loungewear that can go from the bed to a casual brunch, like this washable silk short-sleeved top and high-rise pants set. It’s made from breathable silk with natural thermo-regulating properties, and we like that the pants are designed with a side slit for ventilation.

Lunya Washable Silk High Rise Pant Set

Lunya Washable Silk High-Rise Pant Set


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23. Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Sleepers who run hot will enjoy Buffy’s hypoallergenic eucalyptus sheets, which are cool to the touch and naturally help to regulate body temperature. The 300-thread count bedding is made from Oeko-Tex-certified fiber that requires ten times less water to produce than cotton (so they’re good for the earth), and the set comes with top and fitted sheets and two pillowcases. It’s available in all mattress sizes and other colors.

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set


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24. Avocado Green Mattress

If all of your tossing and turning has convinced you to finally upgrade your uncomfortable bed setup, Avocado’s non-toxic and organic mattress is an eco-friendly option that you won’t lose sleep over. The Greenguard Gold-certified mattress is 11 inches thick and features 1,414 pocketed support coils in five zones to create a” pressure-point support system for proper back support,” so it’s great for all types of people (including back and side sleepers).

Eco-conscious slumberers can also rest easy knowing that the mattress is made of sustainable materials. It’s topped with three inches of organic latex, and the rest is made of organic wool and cotton. Through March 21, use code SLEEP for 10 percent off bedding and pillows.

Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress


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25. Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool

Allergens, odors, and dry air are among the things that can be bothersome at night, which is why Dyson’s three-in-one air purifier, humidifier and fan is ideal for sensitive sleepers. (Star-beloved esthetician Shani Darden is a fan.) The unit catches 99.97% of bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns, and the 3D Air mesh evaporator hygienically humidifies the clean air.

The device’s two air jets allow you to control the cooling and oscillation levels as well as the air flow. The humidifier is equipped with a UV-C light that kills any potential bacteria buildup, and the device also has a self-cleaning mode that makes maintenance easy.

Dyson Pure Humidify Cool

Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool


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